Past Hometown Heros


Carrie Acree  Scout Leader 2015
Dorthy Rinderle Volunteer CASA 2013
Carma Brown Special needs Baseball  2012
Kenneth Powell Coach Boys Junior Football  2011
Kerrie Strasser Quilt Program  2010
Vicky Brickey Victims Assitance Program  2009
Diana Lee Look Good Feel Better Program  2008
Joyce Hays-Hansen Tree House / Soup Kitchen / PD  2006
Ray Camren Blood Donor  2005
Dr. Tom Tadvick Dentistry at Marillac Clinic  2004
Gregg Martin Volunteer Fireman  2003
Danny Galloway Special Olympics  2002
Art Cook Search and Rescue  2001
Richard and Bonnie Walt Foster Children  2000
Dave Mantlo Little Leaugue  1999
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