Eyeglasses Program

The Grand Junction Lions Club uses some of the funds it raises from its raffle to provide vision services to people in need.

One program is designed with the following priorities:

  • Children whose parents cannot afford eyeglasses
  • “Working poor”

The general guidelines for this program are as follows: A child whose parents cannot afford an eye exam, or eyeglasses for the child or a person employed with no means to get an exam or glasses.

The applicant must submit a letter outlining his/her circumstances and describing why he/she cannot afford to buy eyeglasses. The applicant must also provide a recommendation/endorsement letter from an organization recognized by the Lions Club (such as Catholic Outreach, Mesa County Social Services, or a minister of a local church), confirming that the applicant is the person requesting the eyeglasses and has a financial need.

Our local club also participates in the Lions Eye Bank Program, whereby our local club donates a portion of the cost of cornea transplants, cataract operations and the treatment of significant vision issues. Applicants must complete a 7 page application containing financial and other information and a section to be completed by the applicant’s doctor.

Although there are many people in our community who are homeless, unemployed, or living in an assisted/skilled living center with few or no benefits or means of support, our programs are not designed for such persons. There are several other nonprofit organizations which may be able to serve such persons, and we suggest that those persons who fall in these categories contact such other nonprofit organizations.

For both programs described above, all applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis based on a variety of factors. Even if an applicant meets the general guidelines described above, there is no guarantee that he/she will receive a grant. The Grand Junction Lions Club reserves the right to grant or deny any request at its sole discretion.

For additional information on the eyeglasses program, please contact Lion Joe O’Connor: (970) 640-3369 or email.

Eyeglasses can also be dropped off at the Optical Center in Sam’s Club or at Alida’s Fruits (3402 C 1/2 Road, Palisade).